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The applicable Software Licensing Policy is quite friendly and flexible to the buyer. The Software License does not depend on the hardware capacity. Licenses are supplied in a form of the separate program components or packages.


The following component types are being licensed (one license per component type per computer)

  • core system ‘pro’ - includes encryption module (interface to HSM) and/or DBMS connector (the core ‘lite’, in a minimal configuration, is free of charge)
  • ‘IN’ gateways
  • ‘OUT’ gateways

The ‘test’ system, equal to the ‘production’ one in functionality and power, can be purchased at nearly half-price with a limited time of the license validity.


x2x system itself represents converters lined up in a chain. Every converter is licensed, either individually or within the package. International clearing systems converters (Visa, MasterCard, SWIFT,..) have a particular type of support, it also includes payment systems rules and the assistance in migration to a new version


IRDoptima licensing does not depends on the number or totalvalidated transactions, it is ‘one-shot’ license, once per Acquirer. This product assumes, by default, the bi-annual support actions to cover MasterCard seasonal releases.

Other Applications

Most of the provided service programs and database schemes are not licensed individually and provided free within the delivered software package.