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Wind of changes

We've been working hard for more than 12 month to power Russian national bankcard processor NSPK with our E-ROUTE and X2X-based technology.
Now the national domestic switch and clearing is up and running, serving millions transactions per day.
We thank all the people who used to work with us to make this ambitious project done.

MasterCard 15Q3 support patch

MasterCard is introducing a new Product Code for B2B Service Arrangements and IRD (Global 502) slightly out of its usual bi-annual release schedule (Effective date 17 July 2015). A special IRDoptima patch is available upon request to support this change.

E-ROUTE version 1.0 support has ended

As previously announced, we discontinue support for our E-ROUTE version 1.0 platform. Please, consider moving to E-ROUTE version 2.x and youl'be surprised what E-ROUTE can do for you today. Please also note that E-ROUTE 1.1 support will also be discontinued soon, from 01 December 2015.